3D Shower - 3d Printed Shower by Deca

admin, January 2 2019

3D Shower has an unusual and innovative shape, with a design formed by wefts by where water flows. This gives the user an intriguing view while watching the shower bottom up. Geometric lines creates a sensation of modernity and technology. The squares that integrate the product keeps people wondering and...

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Imperial Wing - Unique Armchair by Kenneth Cobonpue

admin, December 5 2018

Imperial Wings is inspired by the unforgettable symbol of the Imperial fleet, the TIE fighter. Be your very own fighter ace in this easy armchair that features handwoven polyethylene, which captures the agility and strength of the iconic starfighter. Comes in gray and black. K.Cobonpue

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Flow - Sculptural Sink by Alessandro Isola

admin, November 22 2018

Flow sink takes its inspiration from the way in which water erodes and dissolves stone, forming deep flow rills. A poetic analogy to that is the sink’s handle, that runs all the way down its length. Its conical envelop is entirely made of aluminium, manually bent to follow the shape...

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Sampan - Unique Design Bathtub by Apaiser

admin, October 25 2018

The Sampan collection applies the strikingly unique tapered shapes of the traditional boats of the Singapore waterfront to a bathware collection of revolutionary design. Reflected in a series of baths and basins, as well as an innovative ‘shower bath’, these unique designs transform bathing into something more akin to...

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Thales - Modern Fireplace by Glamm Fire

admin, October 14 2018

From the drawing born of circle comes a versatile and adjustable piece that discovers the beauty of the integral view of the flame. The possibility of rotating the two main components opens the way for the contemplation of the...

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Leaf - Original Design Lamp by Loomiosa

admin, October 7 2018

As its name suggests, the shape of this pendant was mainly influenced by palm leaves, a form that gives a different impression from every viewing angle. Loomiosa

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3D Printed Basin Mixer by Deca

admin, September 26 2018

3D Basin Mixer is an unique product that is formed by wefts by where water flows. The geometrical lines used in the product give a sensation of technology and minimalism. The unusual form and function were designed for a market that looks for the latest innovation and global...

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Chained Up - Original Design Table by Barberini Gunnell

admin, March 14 2018

The inspiration for this table came from observing the gigantic iron chains which are used for tying up the enormous Container ships or Transatlantic Cruisers. Closing the chain, yet achieving a stable table structure while at the same time not losing the esthetic beauty of the finished work was the challenge of this table. Barberini-Gunnell

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Ugo Rilla - Unique and Playful Lamp by Karman

admin, March 7 2018

Ugo Rilla lamp recalls one of the strongest cinematographic icons - the climber of buildings. Playful, dreamlike, adventurous with the expression and anger with which he rips one of man's greatest inventions. Designer: Matteo Ugolini. Karman

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Filoferru - Outdoor chair by Robby Cantarutti

admin, March 2 2018

The Filoferru chair stems from the need to develop a very simple form which is constructed of a single material: steel rod. The form, very sculptural seems to have self-generated, while maintaining linearity remembers very complex organic shapes of nature. Archazione
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